Meet Cameron

Cameron client story dec 2015

“I would have to honestly say that of all the homeless programs and missions and emergency shelters that I’ve been in, CFH has actually been the best. It’s not easy being in a shelter, especially when you’re with 30-35 other men who are in the same situation. But overall, I think everybody does a fantastic job at CFH. I’m glad that I found CFH. I think if I hadn’t, right now I probably wouldn’t be working, and I probably wouldn’t be in housing.” – Cameron

Cameron has been with CFH since March, when he visited the Eastside Winter Shelter and then moved into the Year-Round Shelter program. Being homeless was not a new experience for Cameron; he explained, “Back in the early 80’s, I became homeless. I had two jobs, an apartment I couldn’t afford, and basically ended up being broke. I spent some time out on the streets of Seattle. I can’t count how many times I’ve been in a dumpster looking for dinner.” The product of a broken family, Cameron shared that his record for moving was 19 times in two years within the foster care system. He was also quick to note, “I got myself into these situations where I didn’t know what to do, so I ended up becoming homeless. I was young, so I didn’t know quite how the world worked yet.”

Though Cameron has managed to support himself for many years, he found himself homeless again after problems with a landlord. He spent two months earlier this year in several Seattle shelters, but he struggled during this time: “I think during the time that I was at those shelters, before coming to CFH, I was in shock. But fortunately I found CFH, and to be quite honest they’ve done quite a lot for me.”

Thankfully, Cameron’s history of having worked and lived on the Eastside qualified him for CFH, and he found himself partnered with Josh as his case manager. Through his work with Josh, Cameron soon became employed with a temp agency: “I think I found the perfect job. I work for a maintenance department, and I paint vacant apartments; I get to listen to music, which I love to do despite my hearing problems, and paint.” Cameron recently moved into one of the CFH shared houses; with a smile, he mentioned that “the house actually stays clean despite having 10 men living there!”

And as for Cameron’s future? Cameron shared that he’d like “to find a more permanent job, instead of one through a temporary agency, to continue having stability.” When he’s not working toward the future, Cameron, who considers himself to be a bit of a “lone wolf,” enjoys watching movies and visiting local museums.