Our Board of Directors

Pat McDermott, Chair

Pat’s professional career has focused on accounting and finance.  Pat enjoys using what he has learned over the years to serve CFH.  CFH is a meaningful organization that has his full support. 

Clare Moe, Board Vice Chair

Clare is a longtime Eastside resident and has been involved in, and an advocate for, affordable housing and homelessness issues for over 25 years. Clare brings a background in nonprofit organizational development and strategy and is passionate about building strong communities.

Chuck Kimbrough, Member

Chuck is an attorney in Bellevue and has served on the CFH Board for the last three years. Chuck has been active in civic life, serving on the Bellevue Parks Board and Planning Commission, managing political campaigns, and serving on the board of the NW Kidney Centers Foundation.

Nadine Bentsen, Member

Nadine is a Founder of CFH, and has been active as a volunteer in local schools and a variety of church committees. Nadine has also served on the Eastside Interfaith Social Concerns Council as an officer.

“When starting CFH there were no services on the Eastside for single men – we saw that need and wanted to work towards serving those who were facing homelessness.  My faith calls me to reach out and serve others; I believe CFH is an effective organization with the goal of stabilization and housing.”  ~Nadine

Judy Courshon, Treasurer

Judy is a CPA in Bellevue specializing in working with families and their tax entities (trusts, family partnerships, and family foundations). Judy recently moved to downtown Bellevue which has increased her awareness of the homeless issue on the Eastside.

Michael Kattermann, Secretary

Michael has been a community planner for over 30 years, working for towns with as few as 400 residents and cities of over 1 million.  His involvement with CFH is an extension of his passion for planning—to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Jim Long, Member

Jim’s career in commercial real estate has helped him see the very real need for service to the area’s homeless in terms of supporting and transitioning them into stable, affordable housing. 

Chris Jowell,  Member

Chris Jowell is the newest member of our Board.