Over 15 Years of Service

David understands the value of community and has a huge heart for the homeless. He leads with empathy and a strong desire to care for others. He immerses himself in the lives of his brothers struggling with homelessness and recognizes his calling to help them.” Steve Roberts Former CFH Executive Director David Bowling, Executive Director […]

Jim Moves Home

Jim Moves Home Recently, Jim received the keys to a CFH house in Kirkland. Case Manager Mike shared: “Jim has dealt with numerous issues and setbacks that have knocked him down to where he was about to just give up. This is a picture I honestly had doubts I’d ever get to see. But here it is, and […]

Jarell and Zoe

Jarell Brings Joy to the Shelter Jarell and puppet Zoe Meet Zoe the puppet. Though small in stature, Zoe has helped to bring a smile to the faces of so many. Of course, we like to think that behind every great puppet is a great person—in this case, Jarell. Most Fridays at the Men’s Shelter, you can […]