Our new building is subject to standard land use and building permitting requirements. This includes a comprehensive homeless shelter use process that determines where homeless services can be provided within the City of Bellevue. This process also ensures that we are doing the following:

  1. Representing the community, neighborhood and Citywide interests.
  2. Ensuring that issues of importance are identified early in the approval process and results in a written Good Neighbor Agreement.
  3. Considering the community and adjacent land uses in the area, and
  4. Incorporating key principles in the design.

The City of Bellevue wants to hear from you. Letters of support are an important part of the permitting process. 

Written comments can be submitted to the City of Bellevue at any time during the development review process. Your voice will become a part of record for this proposal. All written comments will be considered during the permitting process and will be included in the package submitted to the Hearing Examiner for final approval.  All comments must be received prior to the issuance of the Director’s recommendation, which will be several months from now. (late summer/early fall 2021)

Reference File Number: 21-100169-LB

Toni Pratt

Senior Land Use Planner

City of Bellevue – Development Services Department


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