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David understands the value of community and has a huge heart for the homeless. He leads with empathy and a strong desire to care for others. He immerses himself in the lives of his brothers struggling with homelessness and recognizes his calling to help them."

Steve Roberts
Former CFH Executive Director
David Bowling, Executive Director

Leading with Empathy: Celebrating over 15 Years of Dedication

When David Bowling first arrived at CFH in 2005, he was one of only four part-time, paid employees. The plan was for CFH to be a stopping point along the way while he finished his Master’s in Counseling Psychology.

Now—over 15 years later—as the Executive Director since 2016, he leads a team of over 40 people.

Pat McDermott, who helped CFH become a 501(c)3 and served as Board President for two years, told us: “From day one, you could tell that David was unique. He had the individual case management skills as well as an appreciation for the bigger picture. David always starts with the human, compassionate side, and then blends in the business/organizational aspects. It has been satisfying to see David grow to be an outstanding Executive Director.”

Over the years, David has held many different roles with CFH. He has done countless overnights at the shelters; carried donations of furniture for the men in our houses; created and implemented new programs for the community; provided case management; created many budgets—and even scrubbed toilets. He said that maybe the only thing he has yet to do is cook a meal, although he has shared hundreds with different clients over the years.

When asked why he has chosen to stay at CFH, David told us: “It’s because of the amazing community that helps CFH do the amazing work it does. The partnership are who CFH is.  Faith communities, restaurants, other businesses, rotary clubs, cities, police, volunteers, and donors, all make CFH an organization that has a profound impact on people on the margins.  Because this community has come together, we see life-giving transformation occurring every day in small and big ways.”  

During his time with CFH, David has seen thousands of men move out of the shelters and into permanent homes, many of whom have later returned to shake his hand or to introduce them to their wives and children, sometimes even their parents.  

Nadine Bentsen, a founding member of CFH, told us that David “embodies the values and mission of CFH,” that he “thinks about the individual and their specific, unique needs,” and that “he has a great ability to bring along others into a common purpose.”

David chatting with client Travis

And as much as the community values everything that David has helped to bring to CFH, David values that same community: 

“I wouldn’t be here today without being surrounded by amazing people who bring passion, vision, and love to me and the men we serve every day of the year.”

Thank you, David, for all you have done for CFH!

"Congratulations David on 15 years with CFH! We are excited for the future under your leadership."

CFH Board of Directors